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of American consumers say they've discovered products on Facebook.

- Curalate Consumer Survey

When you have products to sell, Facebook/Instagram is a great way to show consumers what you have to offer and introduce them to new products they might not be aware of. With shopping ads you can feature your products in engaging Facebook/Instagram collections or carousels that let your potential customers browse your products in their news feed. This interactive ad format allows customers to move from discovery to purchase in a smooth and immersive way.

Connect with users while they’re ready to browse content on Facebook and Instagram.  Easily import feeds into the platform and show your target audience real time product ads. Reporting makes it easy to see revenue level transaction data.

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Benefits of Facebook/Instagram Shopping Ads

•Allow customers to explore your offerings in a fast-loading interface without leaving Facebook or Instagram

•Retarget customers who have already shown interest in your products but didn’t complete a purchase

•Easy click-through to purchase on your site


Our team of experts will work to tie your e-commerce platform/website directly into Facebook/Instagram. Your product names, photo, price and other relevant details are fed into Facebook’s/Instagram's system automatically. When consumers who match your targeting parameters scroll through their news feed, they’ll see your product ads with the option to click through and buy.




of global shoppers who visited a store in the past week said they used online search prior to going into a store.

- Google



If you sell products, Google shopping ads are a great way to get your products displayed, with images, at the very top of search results. Imagine your products front and center when consumers are looking for them on Google, with a quick click through to buy on your site or entice them to visit your store in person.

Through a variety of placements, target users while they are researching your products, reviewing your products, and ready to purchase.  Real time product feed management makes it easy to track ROI.


Our team of experts will work to tie your ecommerce platform/website directly into Google. Your product names, photo, price and other relevant details are fed into Google’s system automatically. When consumers search for what you sell, they are presented with customized results from your store based on their search. 

Benefits of Google Shopping Ads

•Get better qualified leads as consumers can see a picture of the item and the price before clicking through

•Group related products together so people can compare several of your products and click the right one

•Showcase local inventory to drive store foot traffic


Keep users engaged throughout the entire buying process.  Whether you aim to bring back pre-existing customers to the site with sales promotions, or remind people they’ve forgotten something in their cart; email win back will increase overall sales and ROI. 

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