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of Brands are spending money on Google Ads


Google handles 3.8 million searches per minute on average across the globe.

SEM or Search Engine Marketing is the ability to show text ads based on keyword searches on Google search results in a real time bidding auction.


Google Ads places ads designed to promote your business, services, or products above organic results, driving site traffic and conversions to your business.

Text ads display on mobile, desktop and tablet.  Mobile ads have the ability to let users click to call; eliminating the website and driving the end user right to your business.  


Ads also have the ability to expand real estate in the search results with extensions.  Extensions can be things like additional links to your website, a list of your services, a link to your location on the map, reviews, & more.

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SEM Targeting Capabilities:

Standard Search Campaigns

  • Most common type of SEM targeting. 

  • Campaigns are grouped together based on keyword theme; and keywords are selected and grouped further together by similar terms or phrases that relate to specific ad copy and landing pages. 

    • This allows for relevance across programs, that is fluid and can be changed quickly and easily without extensive creative overhaul.

Dynamic Search Campaigns 

  • Dynamic campaigns work best on websites that have a lot of content. 

    • Google’s tech crawls the website and automatically serves the end user with an ad that is designed to go to specific landing page that most closely matches their search query.

Additional targeting parameters that can be layered into both types of

Search Campaigns are: 

  • Demographic Targeting

    • Age 

    • Gender 

    • Parental Status 

    • Household Income Level

  • Audience Based Retargeting 

    • Website Visitors

    • Lookalike To Website Visitors

    • Interest Categories

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