Sales Approach &

Billing Method

Our Sales Approach

Digital Terminology Used Here


When ad ad is served or viewed on a computer, phone or tablet. 



Cost Per Thousand (Impressions served)

What CPM-Based Selling Is:

It is when you sell digital based on the number of set impressions served at a price per thousand impressions. You set a retail rate for CPM that includes the CPM you are paying us, the wholesaler. 

What Budget-Based Selling Is:

It is when you earn a percentage of your client's budget. Your percentage includes a percentage you must pay us, the wholesaler. 

Why We Prefer/Promote Budget-Based Selling

First of all, we can do either way of selling based on your needs, however, we promote budget based selling because it's easier for you to sell to clients.

It's easier for your clients because they usually already have an advertising budget in place. You can let them know that you charge 45% of their budget and you will use their budget in a mix of digital strategies that optimizes Conversions based on their advertising goals.

Instead of finding their budget and then figuring out how many impressions, emails or views they can get. This strategy focuses on IMP & not as much on conversions. 

Another reason we prefer or promote Budget-Based selling is because it allows for a better approach to selling tactics. Instead of trying to teach the many different digital strategies, you get their budget & their campaign goals, then we put together a full digital plan for your client utilizing the tactics we think will work the best!

This strategy allows your clients to do what they do best in running their business and it allows us, the digital experts, to do what we do best, optimize campaigns for conversions based on their goals!

We take the guesswork out of digital.

Conversion Focused & Budget-Based Selling preferred over CPM-Based Selling


Whether it's tracking phone calls, forms being filled out, our actual store visits, we set up campaigns to optimize conversions.

Since we are heavily vested in Analytics and need to set up or have access to the client's Google Analytics and/or Google Tag Manager to run campaigns conversion focused!

Examples with a Display Campaign:


CPM-Based Selling Example:

You sell 100,000 Impressions to a client. You pay $4 CPM and sell it for $10 CPM. 

100,000 IMP/1000 = 100 Thousands (M)

100 M*$10 CPM = $1000 Retail Amount

100*$4 CPM = $400 Your Cost

$1000 Retail - $400 Cost = $600 Profit

Budget-Based Selling Example:

Client's Budget = $1000

% you disclose as your fee = 45% ($450)

% we charge from campaign = 20% ($200)

Your Profit = 45%-20% = 25%  ($250)

Dollars going to actual campaign = $550

Our Billing Method

• Invoices are NET 15

• Invoices are sent out on the 1st and the 16th.

• Invoices will be for all Impressions / Budget amount served over the previous 15 days. 

For example CPM-Based Selling:

You have 3 campaigns running; each with 100,000 IMP/mo each for a total of 300,000 IMP.

On the 16th you'll get an invoice that lists all 3 campaigns totaling 150,000 IMP & the amount owed to us based on the CPM rate.

For example Budget-Based Selling:

You have 3 campaigns running; each with a monthly budget of $1000/mo

On the 16th you'll receive an invoice that lists all 3 campaigns and shows the budget spend was 50% and the amount owed to us based on the budget % rate.