5 Reasons Why We Prefer Our Platform over Wordpress

Updated: Mar 3

The 1st thing to clarify is that "Our Platform" is awesome and it is supported by Wix. Yes, Wix. It's probably shocking to see an ad agency in today's world recommend Wix over Wordpress, but we do. Wix allows us to be able to focus our artistic skills in building beautifully designed websites that will have higher website grades than Wordpress sites and be easier for the end user to operate.

The big reasons many other website building companies and SEO companies claim that Wix is inferior is because it lacks SEO capabilities and customizability.

Those who claim Wix lacks SEO capabilities, do not understand all of the ways to use Wix's SEO features, or where to add meta-tags per page, structured data on pages, tags on blog posts, tags on images and more. Every web designer I've talked to who has claimed this has eventually admitted that they've never tried to do SEO on a Wix site & were basing their analysis on "something they read."

We have experience in both and long ago moved away from Wordpress because of actual experiences.

Also, building a website has many more needs than just Search Engine Optimization. Other important aspects include the end user's ability to actually update the website, quickly add e-commerce, or to have a stable website.

Those who claim Wix lacks customization haven't used Velo by Wix or they are referring to the fact that you can not actually code the site manually if you want to except for javascript based features of Velo.

As you will see below, both of these statements are due to both bias and misunderstanding.

Wix is better than Wordpress
Wix is greater than Wordpress


  1. End User's Ability to Use the Site

  2. Better Stability & Website Ratings

  3. Easier to Customize

  4. Important Elements Built-in

  5. Velo by Wix coding options

1. End User's Ability to Use the Site

Not every client wants to make their own edits to their website, but in today's DIY world, many do. And even those who don't, should be able to go in to their own website and make simple changes to wording, change an image out or move a phone number from the left side of the screen to the middle.

Wix has a huge advantage over Wordpress in this area...by far.

In fact, many website developers I know, purposefully use Wordpress so that their end client is too confused to make simple changes and will be forced to call the developer and pay them to make the change.

As stated from sitebuilderreport.com about Wordpress sites, "Wordpress backends can get notoriously confusing."

Wix has a very easy drag & drop editor that anyone can learn the basic things to do. This does not mean that the entire site will necessarily be "simple" as we often build very robust websites that have complicated aspects that need a professional to make adjustments to. However, most simple changes can be performed by the end user, if desired. Many Wordpress sites use templates but it is not easy for an end user to find out how to access part of the template to change, like an image and even then, they can usually only change the image, but not move it to another part of the page if they want (without getting in to the code.)

2. Better Stability and Website Rankings

(with proof in website grader results below)

Wix is a publicly traded company. If their websites are constantly down, don't load, or have multiple rendering errors, then they have to answer to their stockholders. Therefore, much like Apple's approach to electronics, Wix does not roll out features or apps unless they have been proven stable. Wordpress sites onboarding, updating and stability features are often dependent on the template chosen, the plug-ins on the site and the developers coding skills...and the developer continually watching the site's backend to make sure all of these elements stay up to date...like plug-ins.

We have been doing Website Assessments where we use 6 independent online website graders to compile statistics about a website's speed, mobile optimization, site security, coding errors and whether the site has the most basic SEO elements set up properly. Each grader has a recommended minimum number a site should be at. We compile the site's grades vs the expectation.

Wordpress sites hardly ever meet the baseline standard.

If Wix sites don't, it's because whoever developed didn't set it up correctly & it's usually an easy fix.

Don't believe us? Test it yourself. We use Google Insights, Pingdom, GT Metrix, Web Page Test, Hubspot Web Grader & RankWatch.

Here's some compelling comparative evidence:

Here is our results (built on Wix Editor X vs 2 of our competition who built their sites on Wordpress.)

Digital Analytics Pro website assessment
Digital Analytics Pro scored 28.23 higher than baseline!
Competitor 1 Website Assessment
Competitor 1 scored a whopping 79.61 points below baseline & had some issues with their mobile version!
Competitor 2 Website Assessment
Competitor 2 scored 40.89 below baseline!

We even have a head to head website comparison from last year. We built a website for a client, but for personal reasons (long story) they paid us for the site, but went ahead & had their former website developer make them another Wordpress site. So, we graded both sites...guess what?

SV Website Assessment Wix
The Wix Website We Built & didn't even finish yet!
SV Website Assessment Wordpress
The Wordpress developer tried to copy our site. The client later admitted our site still looked better AND the grades are significantly lower!

BONUS: is the website grade for a website we built for a client last year.

3. Easier to Customize

Although both Wix & Wordpress have templates to choose from to build a site, only Wix allows someone to easily stray from the template's design to truly customize the website. Wordpress templates can have easy customization...IF the template you choose allows that. Because of Wix's drag & drop editor, you can place an element (like text or images) anywhere you want on a page instead of just where the template tells you to place it.

A Wordpress site can be customized from top to bottom by someone who codes their website from scratch, but the same look can be achieved by an experienced Wix professional - as we are. Because our proficiency in Wix, we are able to create a custom website in much faster time, with better overall website grades.

Wordpress templates are limited in how much you can customize them as Webcreate pointed out in their comparison of Wix vs Wordpress, when it comes to "In Page Flexibility" Wordpress is "Limited."

Oh, and did we point out that Wix's templates (if you want to use one) are free and Wordpress ones can run from $20 to $100's?

With Wix our designers are able to use their artistic skills to make beautiful sites and then easily make adjustments based on the clients' requests.

4. Important Elements Built-in

One of the biggest problems with Wordpress is that most features like e-commerce, data tracking, and even forms are added to the website via "plug-ins."

Simply put from sitebuilderreport.com, "Wordpress’s many themes and plugins never quite works perfectly. Incompatibilities often arise and getting the fix can require users to make tweaks to code."

And it's not just that you'll have to tweak the code once & be done, but suddenly a portion of your website won't be working and it's because the plug-in didn't update, or you'll need to find another plug-in. Decide you want to add e-commerce or booking down the road? Find a plug-in and hope it's reliable. Want to add automated email marketing responses? A plug-in. Wordpress users pride themselves in being able to find a plug-in for nearly everything, which is true, but it may come at a cost of reliability, functionality and expiration dates.

Whereas, Wix has the essential features you need already built in. In some cases, it's simple the push of a button to activate it. Whether it be Online Booking, E-Commerce, Blogging, or adding a Chat function, it's not a 3rd Party plug-in, it's already built in.

5. Velo by Wix Coding Options

Originally called Wix Code, then Wix Corvid and now Velo, allows javascript based coding to build databases, create more advanced website features like collapsable boxes and trigger email alerts. Admittedly, this was a game changer. Prior to this function, there would be certain types of websites that we would be forced to build on the Wordpress platform because the ability to do certain things was not available on Wix. Now it is.

Now you can easily have a database displayed of recipes, list rental properties, have a credit application for clients to fill out, build out calculators, and many more advanced functions are now available to developers.

Much like those who critique Wix's SEO functionality then admit that they've never even tried to do SEO on a Wix site, those who tout the limitations of Wix's customization likely never even tried to use Velo.


There have been some legitimate concerns with Wix sites as it pertains to it's limits as a Responsive Website. Although there were some things you could do to make it "responsive-like", it was never a fully responsive website...until now. Wix introduced a new editor called, Editor X, that allows for a fully responsive website. However, Editor X loses some of the bonuses that the original editor had such as easy customization & end user's ease of use. Editor X is more directed to the website developer than to the end user.

Wix still does not have an easy integrated MLS IDX solution, but apparently they are working on that. You can use an HTML box as a workaround, but it's not as robust and flexible as Wordpress or other sites for real estate agents.

Setting a Wix site up to be indexed on Google is extremely easy & setting up SEO keywords and meta-tags for pages, images, and blog posts is extremely easy and doesn't require any additional plug-in or app. Adding tracking pixels, Google Tag Manager and other tracking codes are extremely simple in the back end of the website.

Wix sites have automatic SSL security and due to their publicly traded company status, they will continue to keep site security a top updated issue.

Overall, the reason we prefer to build Wix sites over Wordpress is due to it's superior stability, superior design capabilities and superior ease of use functions - what else would you want a website for?

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