How We Measure Results

How We Measure Results

How We Measure Results

Data that tells the story your client wants to hear. 

We place emphasis on the conversions and KPIs that matter to your business.  While we do report back on campaign metrics such as impressions, clicks, CTR, etc; we want to focus heavily on what matters.

Using Google Analytics, campaign pixel data, and foot traffic measures, we place a focus on results that are conversions first. 


Different reporting dashboard options that are customizable to your client's needs.


Multiple formats in which analytical insights are shared. 

  • Outside of recurring calls to discuss campaign reporting and insights, we provide text heavy reporting insights as well as video walkthroughs; where we show actual points of interest in the system and on the report with a narrative behind it. 


Reports will be formatted and ready to be passed along right to your client. 

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