Frequently asked questions

This campaign does not have a conversion on it so my salesperson is wondering why we have 1 for two keywords??

The conversions are "clickthrough other conversions"which means the users clicked the ad, got to the landing page and then from there visited another page on the site.By the user going to multiple pages on a website it shows intent or interest in the product or service

With not doing a lot of Facebook campaigns and OTT we want to know what a "Good" CTR rate is or what is an average CTR rate

This varies depending on the vertical of the client. As of 2020, the overall CTR for Facebook is 0.9%. OTT campaigns are more of a branding play and should be measured based on lift in site traffic, brand awareness and VCR (video completion rate). A good VC for an OTT campaign is 90%. Because most OTT ads are not clickable you will not have a solid number for averages based on CTR.

Please explain on the dashboard what these two descriptions mean: Total Conversion Zone Visits AND Total Website View Through?

Total Conversion Zone Visits: The amount of users who entered the physical conversion zone after being served an ad. Total Website View Throughs: The amount of users who saw an ad, did not click, but then visited the client's website. Clickthrough Conversion: When a user clicks an ad, lands on the landing page but then performs another action on the site such as visits another page or when a user clicks an ad, lands on the landing page and then comes back to the site at a later time.

Can you give us an explaination on the learning that the programming has in it that makes it more effective for the system to reallocate impressions automatically

The system will allow us to allocate impressions toward locations that perform better than others. For example if you have a total of 100,000 impressions to share over 10 Locations, all 10 locations will not perform equally for reason out of everyone' s control. The reason could be not equal amount of people visit each business, the people entering the business may not be keen on changing or many other reasons that can exist that we cant even think about. So, if you inturn just give us the total impressions base of (in this example 100,000) and then all of the locations you would like to geo fence we can start with allocating them equally, however as conversions and delivery stats begin to come in we will adjust the impressions from the locations that are underperforming and move those impressions into the locations that are generating more success.

What can we say to clients that will explain why our Display advertising is better than them doing just Google Display advertising?

Sometimes they may be saying that they use Google to do their own display advertising. Google is a platform that you will have the ability to buy display ads on. Google is one of 11+ different platforms that we use. A question always comes up, which is "why do you use so many platforms", and the answer is simple, not all platforms do "everything well" For example, Google limits how small of a targeted location you can target, where we have three other platforms that allow us to target to locations as small as 10 yards wide and Google does not have this ability. Another platform allows us to target events that happened in the past or promote to people who visit specific locations, competitors, or stores, another allows us to look at different segments within how people search etc.. The main goal of what we run is to place this media in the proper Platform, exchange, or DSP to generate the most conversions possible. One of these platforms potentially can be google, however, it is just a piece of the overall strategy to generate the most amount of conversions at the lowest cost possible.

Are the DSP's that you use called exchanges

Exchanges are the actual place that you allow you to place a bid.. so in lament terms, think of exchanges like the New York Stock Exchange... DSP's in most cases (not all) is like the Charles Swabb or E-Trade that is the platform you gather all the targeting information etc and you place all the parameters around your bid strategy. This information then gets passed to an exchange to be executed.

Can we promote gun topics on FB

How can we explain to a customer the value of the natural converters without those people seeing ads?

We use this data to keep track of the storefront traffic as a whole when comparing it to campaign performance data. We are looking for a lift and looking at the data from a holistic view, not just campaign traffic, to understand more about how the store performns and better optimize the campaigns.

Do you charge for adding Google Tag Mgr/Google Analytics for a customer

We do not charge for setting up the accounts for analytics or tag manager if the client is going to be running a campaign with us.

Lets say a client does the 3 month minimum and then decides he needs to wait to continue for a few months because its his slow time; when he does another 3 months will there be another set up fee??

The only reason I say yes, is we do not have any other way to track when someone starts and stops, other than the fact that they started. So someone who stops, then starts again would get two set up fees.

How Do Site Retargeting Pixels Work?

Each website audience you wish to retarget requires a unique pixel on the website we are retargeting. If we are retargeting the same audience across multiple tactics or campaigns, it will be the same, 1 pixel for all. Also we may provide more than a single pixel in cases that we are tracking multiple URL's (not always meeded but more times than not) or if we are using multiple DSP's to deliver the retargeting impressions.

What are Landing Pages & how should we use them?

If a campaign has a landing page it is best that, that landing page is on the main site so we are sending traffic to one place. If users are only getting to landing page via campaign, chances are when they do a search later they will be brought to main site and won't be able to find the landing page.

Can you Geofence a single location?

Geofencing 1 location limits are reach and is not reccomended. Chances are there are more then one competitor of the clients we can target. If we are geofencing a locaiton in hopes for the owner to see the ad we will need to know that upfront as the set up is different. We also reccomend if you must do this, that we target the owners house versus place of work.