Our email database of 100+ million B2B and B2C emails consist of only 3rd party opt-in emails. This means that these are emails that have opted-in to receive an email from third parties, like you! Here is how we are able to attain all these email addresses:


Quality of our Data:

  • Over 100 million emails

  • Cleanse every list before sending and re-qualify our data every quarter

  • Ensure subscriber data remains up to date

  • We match our data with direct mail data (postal addresses) to ensure greater accuracy

  • Focus on sending as many b2b emails as possible


Where our Data Comes From:

  • Partnerships with retailers and websites that allow customers to opt in to receive third-party offers matching their consumer profiles

  • Direct company data from surveys and phone calls

  • Alliances with marketing agencies and research companies

  • Magazine subscriptions

  • SEC filings

  • Publicly available information


All emails sent by us are always CAN-SPAM compliant:

  • All emails sent will provide recipients a way to opt-out of receiving further communication.

  • Opt-out requests are honored within 48 hours and opt-outs do not receive follow up emails from us, nor are they included in the database.

  • All emails must have a physical postal address on the email before it is sent out.

  • The same list is not sent a follow up email less than 48 hours of that list receiving an initial email.

  • All subject lines and from lines should not be deceitful and should speak to the main content of the ad.


Tips on Subject Lines and Email Creative:


Email creative guidelines:

  • Optimal ratio for email creative is 60% text 40% image.

  • Higher res images are key for email creative

  • Call to Action should be near the top or in the middle of the email creative to ensure recipients are interacting with your email.

  • For responsive design, do not incorporate any overlapping elements

  • For responsive design, do not use background images

  • Web safe fonts (such as sans serif, Tahoma, Times New Roman, Arial, etc.) can only be used for live text. (

  • Any fonts that are not web safe will be coded as image.

  • Background images do not work well or will not render at all on the Outlook email client. 


General guidelines for subject lines:

  • Keep subject line length short and sweet (less characters in the subject line will allow the full subject line to show in its entirety even on mobile/tablet sized screens)

  • Avoid having more than 1-2 symbols in the subject line (symbols include but are not limited to . , ? / 1 2 % ^ etc.) Numbers count as symbols too so please be aware that the more symbols you have in the subject line the more likely it is to go into spam.

  • Avoid using only capitalization in the subject line (Please avoid the following example: WIN A FREE TRIP TO CANCUN)

  • Do not use deceitful subject lines, try to highlight the deal as much as possible in the subject line. (For example, do not use a subject line like: You are the Winner of a $100 Amazon Gift Card! - when the actual email is just stating that the recipient has the potential to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card) 

  • Do not use any drug/sexual/inappropriate content in subject line (For example: Unfulfilled sex? would flag spam filters).

Email Data, CAN-SPAM & Guidelines