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of respondents say marketing emails influence their purchase decisions.

- SalesCycle

Send your email ad to a targeted database! We have an email database where people have opted in to receive email offers. Along with their name and email, we also have other information like geographics, demographics and their other interests. 

We scrub our database regularly to ensure the emails are still active and actual people and we use our dedicated server and domain name in order to ensure compliance with GDPR and other rules. 

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Choose from Attributes like:

Age & Gender

Marital Status

Buying Activity

Health Conditions



Age of Children



First, you’ll pick the geographics, demographics and behaviors of the consumer you want to reach. Our team pulls a list of consumers who have given permission to receive messages like yours and who match your criteria. When your email goes out, we can layer other tactics like Addressable Geofencing, plus retarget those who open the email with display ads and sponsored social posts.

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How Are We Different?


Repetition is they key. We don't just send your email out once...we send it out to the same emails 4 times! Why? Because a lot of people may not open your email the first time, but they may the 2nd or 4th time they receive it. We found that doing this creates a higher open rate - meaning, more people see what you are offering!


No one else* will give you the actual data of those who opened & clicked on your ad. They'll give you the stats, but how do you know those are real? At the end of the 4 sends, we will provide a database to you of interested prospects - the contacts of those who opened your email ad!

*Many email marketing companies claim to provide contact info for opens, but all of them are using your own database. They are not new prospects, they are already in your email marketing system. Our contacts are from our database.

Learn More about the Email Data, CAN-SPAM compliance and other Guidelines