Target users on digital audio streaming platforms with 15 & 30 second placements.  


Reach users on Spotify, TuneIn, iHeart & More

Ability to target users while listening to podcasts as well.

Audio Targeting Options:

Geofencing: The ability to target users when they visit a certain location as well as retarget the users after they leave that location for up to 30 days after.

Site Retargeting: This tactic requires the placement of a pixel and retargets users after they have visited your website.

Contextual/Category Targeting: Target users based on the types of sites they are visiting and online behaviors.

Keyword Targeting: Target users after they search for a particular keyword or visit sites with those keywords as the subject.

Behavioral/Demographic Targeting: Target users based on their demos as well as online and offline behaviors.

PMP Deals: Want your audio ad to only be on certain websites or apps? You have the ability to pick and choose where your ad is played based on where your target audience tends to frequent. Examples: Spotify, Pandora, etc.

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